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European AUP/UUP
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The European AUP/UUP Portlet lists the EAUPs and their updates:

  • EAUP: The European Airspace Use Plan
  • EUUP: The European Updated Airspace Use Plan
    Move your mouse over the Valid WEF link to get a tooltip message with the date and time of release.

Note that some entries may appear against a blue background. This simply means that they are active, with their validity period compatible with the Portal time setting.

Opening a European AUP/UUP

Click on the Valid WEF link of your choice and the EAUP Details Detached view will open - with the CDR Type 2 Availability tab selected by default.

You can alternatively click on the More link to get a EAUP List Detached View with the list of currently valid EAUPs, and open the desired EAUP from there:

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