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Timeline Navigation Concept

This is the Header of the NOP, from which you can navigate across the different areas of the Portal.

The Timeline features 4 different Phases tabs, based on the ATFCM cycle: Post-Operations, Tactical, PreTactical and Strategic.

Each covers a specific time span, as outlined below (D being the current date):

  • Post-Operations: D+1 at 00:00 onwards
  • Tactical: D (00:00 to 24:00 UTC)
  • PreTactical: D-6 to D-1 inclusive
  • Strategic: D-12 months to D-7 days inclusive

These tabs allow you to navigate from one Phase to another. In addition, the selected tab rises to provide a visual indication of where you stand in the ATFCM cycle.

A fifth tab is featured as well, opening the Resources page containing reference material not linked to time.

Navigate in Time

The Portal opens by default with the Tactical phase selected.

A first way to change from one phase to another, and see the Portal content from a different time perspective, is by means of the Date Picker, to be found in the Target Date pane as shown in the red box below.

Clicking on the  icon opens the Date Picker.

The Date Pickers behaves as you may expect from its layout:

1 the left and right  single arrows going one month back or forth, the left and right double arrows going one year back or forth, and the square recalling the current date;

2 the number of the week;

3 the list to jump to a selected week in the year.


Once a date is clicked (4), the Date Picker vanishes and the Date field (with the pale green background) is updated with the selected value - in this example, July 31st, 2013.

Note: in some circumstances, the choice in dates is limited and the Date Picker will only allow you to select the suitable ones - in this example, you could only opt for September 3rd or September 4th:

Please be aware that the Target Date has not been changed yet. You need to first click on the blinking Set button to change it to the selected value.

Doing so updates the Target Date and resets the Date field.

Note that you can also type the next target date directly in the Date field, following the DD/MM/YYYY format (and confirm with the Set button).


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