RAD Review

The NM RAD Team is responsible for coordination of the entire RAD review process.

The RAD review is required to ensure that all data contained within the RAD is current and correct.  The review is also the opportunity to ensure that any modifications, within the incremental update to the Network Manager Operational systems, are reflected in the construction of RAD restrictions.

A RAD review for each and every Annex/Appendix, including cross-border restrictions, shall be completed annually during designated meetings and as a rolling process by the NM RAD team.  The existing South West, South East, North West, North East or Ski - Airspace or ATFCM meetings could be used for RAD review purposes.  Additional ad-hoc RAD review meetings could be organised in case of any urgent issues to be discussed.

Each State shall convene an internal RAD review with the airlines concerned.  Such an internal review shall be announced to EUROCONTROL NM RAD Team and shall cover as minimum the validity of all restrictions; the timeliness of restrictions; the completeness of all restrictions.  EUROCONTROL NM RAD Team may offer items to be covered.

The outcome of each RAD review shall be properly documented through the report or minutes.  The reports/minutes will be stored by the EUROCONTROL NM RAD Team.

The dates of the cross-border RAD review are not fixed and shall be preliminary coordinated between the NM RAD Team and States/ANSPs concerned.