RAD Coordination

The development of the RAD is through the RAD Management Group (RMG) established to monitor its evolution.

The RMG is a specialised group of the RNDSG and ODSG constituted in order to support them with technical and operational expertise on activities related to the RAD.  Within the frame of its activities, the RMG reports to the RNDSG and ODSG from which it receives instructions and guidance.

The support to and instructions/guidance received from the two sub-groups are based on their ToRs in accordance with which the RNDSG is the competent forum covering aspects related to airspace utilisation and availability and shall ensure the production of the ERNIP, including the RAD, and the OSDG identifies ATFM and airspace utilisation-related operational issues and generic mitigation solutions at network and local level.

The RMG is the co-ordination forum for European RAD and is confines its discussions to RAD related issues.

The members of the RMG shall be experts in ATFCM and/or Airspace Design from EUROCONTROL, the ECAC member States and their ANS providers, airspace users international organisations, flight planner organisations and other relevant international organisations.  The nomination of Members shall be coordinated through the RNDSG and ODSG.

The RMG meets a minimum of twice per year and no more than 3 times per year (except in exceptional circumstances).

Planned RMG meetings:

RMG/41, 07th Nov 2023, Brussels, Belgium - Salle AIRBUS
RMG/42, 14th May 2024, Brussels, Belgium - Salle BOEING
RMG/43, 05th Nov 2024, Brussels, Belgium - Salle AIRBUS