The need to establish improved links between the processes of Airspace Design and Airspace Utilisation in coordination with the Operational Stakeholders is one of the top priorities for the Network Manager.

To fulfil this requirement a multidisciplinary team had been established in support of Operational Stakeholders dealing with all aspects of the RAD from policy to implementation and review namely “NM RAD Team”.

The NM RAD Team, in close coordination with all the Operational Stakeholders, is responsible for preparing of a common RAD, collating, coordinating, validating and publishing it.

The NM RAD Team is the central co-ordinator for the entire RAD process.

Considering that all policy and strategy aspects of the RAD are part of planning and the operation of the RAD part of operations, the NM RAD Team includes experts on the following Network Planning and Network Operations matters:

  1. Planning - Airspace Design and Future projects;
  2. Operations - Documentation maintenance, Database maintenance, Technical oversight, Implementation, Validation and Quality Control.

The members of the NM RAD Team are:
Mrs. Joyce Zuurmond - NMD/ACD/OPL/DES
Mrs. Susan Ward - NMD/ACD/OPL/DES
Mr. Tihomir Todorov - NMD/ACD/OPL/DES

The NM RAD Team role and responsibilities are part of the ERNIP.

For any additional feedback and further information about RAD, please contact:
e-mail: nm.rad@eurocontrol.int