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Profile Tuning Restrictions (PTRs)

PTRs are influencing the flight profile calculation in order to be correctly counted in certain operational airspace/s. The ETFMS will in all cases try to avoid a PTR by applying profile banding/adapting the profile in climb or descend phases. If a PTR is incoherent with other data then a message shall be generated and logged.

PTRs are created in CACD by the Airspace Data Team based on proper request by relevant NEC/LEC. PTRs can be live updated. PTRs as all other AURA restrictions/limitations are available via B2B in AIXM 5.1 format. The attached PTRs xls file contains only the B2B PTRs available in NMOC system. The B2B PTRs xls file contains for each PTR Restriction ID, Enabling status, Operational Goal and Textual Description.

The B2B PTRs xls file is generated and published once per week - every Friday by the NM RAD Team.

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