RAD valid from 30th Nov 2023


Red = content changed compared to 02nd Nov 2023

RAD Consolidated Version
RAD General Description
Annex 1: Area definitions
Annex 2A: Flight Level Capping Rules
Annex 2B: Local and Cross-border Capacity and Structural Rules
Annex 2C: FUA Traffic Flow Rules
Annex 3A: Aerodrome Connectivity Options
Annex 3B: Enroute DCT Options
Annex 3B: DCTs MAP - see note below https://ext.eurocontrol.int/nm_dct2/
Annex 4: Special Events and Crisis (see main menu)

RAD Team
e-mail: nm.rad@eurocontrol.int

Annex 3B: DCTs MAP:

To access NM Airspace Mapping tool registration of DDR2 website (https://ext.eurocontrol.int/ddr/ ) is required.