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Flight Planning
Typical Scope:

Note: Flight Plan submission is only visible to the profiles with the Flight Plan Management role:  AO, ARO, and FMP.

The Flight Planning Portlet gives access to the IFPS Validation system (IFPUV). It is aimed to allow Airspace Users and Aerodrome Reporting Offices to submit their flight plans to a dedicated test system for validation, prior to their submission to the operational system. It may also be used to find an IFPS compliant route. The tool delivers the shortest possible IFPS compliant routes taking into consideration some user defined constraints (e.g. via a point or airspace, avoiding a point or airspace). 

The IFPUV contains the current IFPS software and receives copies of updates to the operational environment database, fed by live updates. It is therefore an accurate reflection of the operational system.

The Flight Planning Portlet also allows you to submit your flight plans and flight plan updates to the operational IFPS system.

Flight Planning Tools

The Portlet lists the available tools:

And to some resources:

  • Contacts and Support: opens a tab compiling all the means to get in touch with the NM, access to useful information and documents, and options to report problems.
  • NM Flight Planning Documentation and Flight Plan Guide provide shortcuts to additional online documentation.

The main difference between the two editor modes (Free Text vs Structured) resides in the way to enter the flight plan : one single text field for the Free Text Editor against a set of form elements ensuring data quality in the Structured Editor.


  • Flight plans submitted to IFPUV for pre-validation are not stored.
  • Manual correction is not possible. The IFPUV response is automatic.
  • Flight plan originators are reminded that flight plan messages must be submitted to the IFPS to ensure acceptance in the operational system.

  • The routes that are proposed by IFPUV are not to be considered as ‘NM recommended routes’. IFPUV is NOT a flight planning system. The responsibility to ensure operational acceptance of the IFPUV proposed routes before filing to IFPS is with the flight plan originator.