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Login to the Protected Portal

The NOP Protected Portal contains information for clients involved in ATM operations and is only available after acceptance of the NM Terms and Conditions. It is accessed via RSA SecureID - users need to log in via their Token.

Note to first time users of the NOP

The NM has by default allocated access to all token users.

The same UserID and Password as for the other applications shall be used when logging in to the Portal.

1. The login screen

This button opens the login page to the NM Protected Applications:

If you see the above screen, you can skip point 2. below and go directly to point 3.

2. Alert Messages

However, depending on your system's configuration, you may get the alert message below (the look and wording may differ from one browser make and version to another):

Message shown by Internet Explorer:

Message shown by Firefox:

It is perfectly safe to continue and open the website - this is a known issue and will be resolved in the future so that windows will not show anymore.

Another message is then likely to pop up (Internet Explorer):

Again, it is perfectly safe to continue - besides this message might never show, as it is resulting from your personal Internet settings...

3. Filling in the login form

Insert you UserID (e.g. p0abc, r1ab0, etc - in lower case) in the UserName field, along with the password generated by your token in the Passcode (RSA SecurID) field. If the login fails, it is strongly recommended to clear your Browser cache (for Internet Explorer, in Tools > Internet Options > Delete Temporary Internet Files) before attempting to login again.

4. Role and Domain Selection

You should now see the CFMU Login Page. Depending on your authentication level, the procedure will be slightly different but driving to the same concept: entering your UserName in the first field, then typing in your Passcode (or Password) in the relevant field.

In case your UserName is associated to a single role, you will not see this and will go directly to the Portal.

In case you can have access to several roles, next comes a screen prompting you to select a Role and a Domain. The proposed options may vary according to your access rights - all you need is to select the one that applies to you and/or to the task you wish to perform with the Portal:

When you have selected the Role and Domain, click on the Go button to get directed to the Portal Main page.

The NOP Main page

When successful, you should be able to view the portal main view, set by default to the Tactical phase.


IMPORTANT: About shared working position / User ID

In cases where you share a working position and/or a User ID with other staff, please take the following actions:

  • case 1: different IDs on same computer: please do logout when you leave position, and login when you start a session, to make sure you will be using your own customised settings.
  • case 2: different users on the same ID: please do review the customisations done by the previous user to make sure they suit your purpose and working preferences.
Caution: Inheriting someone else's customisation settings can potentially lead to security issues.


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